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Indulge in a transformative experience that nourishes your mind, body, and soul. Each Yomassage session begins with a five minute breathing ritual, or a unique themed meditation that helps ground you in the present moment. You’ll let your concerns float away as you’re guided through a series of six restorative stretches while a Yomassage therapist provides therapeutic massage and guided meditation. Throughout the session, you’ll allow your body to move into the deepest state of relaxation you have ever experienced and ignite the mind-body connection through therapeutic touch, restorative stretch, and mindfulness meditation.

All classes are led by a Certified Yomassage Therapist in a safe and nutring environment.

Foot Tracks on Sand
Dried Corals

Class locations :
Mount Diablo Yoga Center,212 suite E207, Ygnacio Valley Road 94598
Mondays @ 6pm-7.15pm

Danville Yoga &Wellness Center,125A/B Town & Country Drive Danville, CA 94526

Starting Friday 05/13/2022: Fridays & Sundays @ 11am-12.15pm

Private Classes and Small Groups Classes are available upon request,
Please contact me directly for more information. 

" When we nuture our souls with love and positivity, we awaken our true selves and the limitless possibilities within."

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