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Integrated Soft Tissue Bodywork and Energy healing has been used throughout time for animals and people from all walks of life, to enhance energy, vitality and longevity. It is a series of focused intentional moves to promote the bodies innate way of healing itself.


The moves are gentle yet precise, they evoke a response in the fascia, musculoskeletal system, the autonomic nervous 

system and bodies energetic 

pathways.  It promotes circulation and lymph drainage and releases natural cortisol to decrease pain and inflammation.


In summary it balances and  promotes healing within the body, to optimize energy flow, mental clarity and comfortable movement once more.

Dog & Cat Pals

Energy healing

Chi or Qi is the universal life force energy that is unseen yet surrounds us and is within us in abundance.

Its the essence of who we are and what we are made of. 


Bconnecting with this healing energy we are able to restore balance and harmony to the body mind and spirit through the energetic pathways (meridians) within the body.


Happy Pup


"Unlike us, animals live in the moment and have no fear of illness or death and to be present with one during its last chapters in life is an experience filled with value, love and gratitude."

Gail Pope, Brighthaven Animal Hospice.

Senior animals hold a very special place in my heart. They have brought so much joy, comfort and unconditional love to our lives for so many years, I feel this is my opportunity to give back to them with an open heart and an open mind. 


"Vickie is an amazing bodywork therapist. She has kept both my Aussie and I moving freely for years, relieving both chronic and injury induced pain through her focused and intuitive touch. She is very gentle in her approach, and has a great eye for what areas are needing work. I appreciate her wide range of training which enables her to use whatever techniques she needs to improve her client's health and comfort. Our regularly scheduled tune-ups are a part of my dog's and my health program, and when something needs immediate attention she is always there to help."

- Barbara Hasey

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